Dance for The Mother
Corn Mother Dance

On the Sun Moon Dance Grounds
Charlestown, W. VA

This Ceremonial Dance will take place Friday and Saturday of Mother's Day Weekend

May 6 - 7, 2005

Lead by Rev. Sherry Sherry

A 2 day dance of ceremonial dancing our birth(s) and death(s)

A dance of honoring our mother earth, our birth mothers,
and for the mothers that we are now or that we have been in
the past, for none of us exist with out a mother
and mother earth. 

Requested Dance support donation of $275 per dancer
Requested Food support donation of $35 per dancer / support person
(the food support donation is to cover travel costs of kitchen help and  
food, drinks, etc. for the workers for the two days of the dance, and
for the feast at the end of the dance for everyone)


(Deposit is NON-refundable after 4-15-05 earlier refunds will be
less a $75 admin fee)
Balance due before the dance begins
To Register, contact:


Dancers will sleep in the arbor on Friday night.  You may elect to
have a support person outside of the dance arbor if they choose.
Dancers will enter the dance draped in their white sheets and dance Friday night with their sheets covering their outfits. 

You will fast during the dance, but will be allowed to drink water if needed.  Please bring water if you think you may want  for  during the dance.
Please do not drink in front of other dancers.
Please prepare for your fast in the weeks before the dance by cutting down or eliminating, sugars, salts, caffeine, nicotine, and meat from your daily diet.   
This is so you do not have detox or withdrawal during your dance, so that your dance will be focused on YOUR dance, and not the cravings of your body.   
Please bring any and all medications that you may need, or that you take on a daily basis.

Each Dance requires the effort and commitment on the part of the dancer.
Dancers begin to experience the power of the Dance form the moment they make the commitment to dance.
Anyone who feels called to dance should consider making this commitment, to the Dance and to Themselves.

Dancers should bring:
1 or 2 dance outfits, (skirts and shirts required for both men and women) cotton is best.
Sweat Lodge outfit (bathing suit or shirt with skirt for women,
trunks or skirt with shirt for men) 
Leggings to wear under your dance outfit if it is cold
2 large towels
Comfortable dancing shoes, tevas, boots or moccasins
bedding, bedroll, sleeping bag, pillow, 2 - 3 tarps
3 white sheets
1 sheet or blanket of their favorite color/s
4 white hand towels (to be handed in at the beginning
of the dance)
Bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, rain poncho, any other items you might need for your personal comfort during the dance.
Once you enter the dance you will not leave until your dance is done except for potty breaks, or as directed by the Dance Chief.
Folding camp chair
1 -2 gallons drinking water
Material for prayer ties.
(string, scissors, tobacco, sage, cornmeal, cotton fabric
1/4 yard each of red, yellow, black, white, blue, green, lavender)
1 bag of yellow, white or blue cornmeal
Sage (white or gray)

Your support person will need to bring:
Tent, tarps, bedding, chair,  2 day supply of food, ice, water, drinks, (or make a $35 donation
and they can eat with the workers for the 2 days)

sun hat, poncho, sunglasses, bug spray, sunscreen, medicines, jacket.  Your support person will take care of you when you come out of the dance, they should have whatever you might like to eat, drink or wear after the dance.

There is a feast provided for everyone (Dancers,
Support People, Workers) at the end of the dance.    After the dance, everyone will help with
dismantling the sweatlodge, kitchen and dance arbor. 

Plan to dress in layers for changing weather, and bring a poncho in case it rains.   Sweat pants and sweat shirt with hood are recommended for night time. 


If you would like to support the Dance, (whether you are a participant or not) all help in preparing for the dance is greatly appreciated and is a way to benefit from the Dance energy, as each person involved is connected with the heightened energy coming from the ceremony.  Preparation assistance is needed during the two weeks prior to the Ceremony.

Pre-Dance help is needed for preparing the arbor:

  • Mowing Grass, Raking, and general groundskeeping tasks
  • setting up tents and canopies for the workers, drummers, and kitchen area
  • setting up the sweatlodge
  • chopping firewood or donating firewood
  • donation of large stones for the sweatlodge
  • setting up the solar shower and water connections

"I want to Thank my visionary teacher, Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, for sharing his visions and gifts with us."

Rev. Sherry Sherry