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Creating a Culture of Peace 
A Prayer Vigil for the Earth
“An Invitation to All” 

Sunrise, September 21st, 2002

2004 DATES
3 PM SUNDAY, SEPT. 19, 2004

The Prayer Vigil for the Earth is a living prayer woven into a seamless tapestry of many traditions through collective experiences of faith. The Vigil is a calling to all peoples to gather, to pray for harmony with the natural world, peace among communities, and the well-being of all Creation. 
We are dedicated to continue our expanded vision for the 2002 Prayer Vigil for the Earth, which will be held on September 18-19, 2004 at the WEST POTOMAC PARK OFF OF OHIO DRIVE (NEW LOCATION!!) in Washington DC.  During the 2001 Prayer Vigil we celebrated increased participation in prayer, dances, and songs that were designed to be inclusive and build unity.   This format offers the opportunity for a deeper spiritual experience for all participants. A sacred fire always  burns throughout the weekend. 

The Native caretakers of this land and other spiritual leaders will open the Vigil with ceremonial prayers igniting a wave of offerings from the many traditions from all over the world.  Attending will be Harry S. Byrd, William Commanda, Grace Smith Yellowhammer, Lilly Cummings, Baba Ngoma, Baba Olatunji, the Mayan Staff from the Grand Ajqi’jab Confederation, Shinji Shumeiki, KPC (Kunzang Palyul Choling), and The World Peace Flame (Life Foundation). 

The Prayer Vigil is a family gathering. In all indigenous traditions, elders are revered and recognized as the wisdom keepers of society. Grandmothers and Grandfathers are needed. We invite senior groups, nursing homes and families to bring your elders to be honored in this sacred circle.  We are strengthening our focus on the youth. They are our future, our elders in training. We invite young people of all ages to come and participate in a broad range of activities that are fun, interactive and designed to discover their spiritual connection with nature. There will be opportunities to help put up tipis and other structures on Friday, Sept. 20.  There will be ongoing opportunities to meet in smaller circles with teachers, storytellers, and prophecy keepers from Native America, the African Diaspora, and other traditions.  There will also be a tipi devoted to silent prayer. 

Experience the ebb and flow of the Vigil in spirited expressions of prayer, gospel singing, Taiko drumming and dancing the hora.  Chant with Buddhists monks, help create a sacred Yantra, walk around the Stupa, and hear the magical sounds of a shofar.  We will also experience periods of silence, Jyorei and sacred movement.  We encourage you to be present for as much of the Vigil as possible in order to experience the spiritual energy generated and held through the many prayers and ceremonies. 

There are many opportunities to help.  Contact Suzanne Clarke, the new Volunteer Coordinator:  phone 202-244-3407; email address: <sjclarke@mindspring.com> 

DC: For additional information, contact The Circle, 11160 Glade Drive, Reston, VA 21091, 703-620-2577. Email:   <Oneprayer4@aol.com> 

CA: The Circle, 6114 LaSalle Ave, #116, Oakland, CA 94611, 510-777-0807(voice) 510-777-3445 (fax). 

Tax deductible donations may be made to The Circle 501C-3 #94-3133148 at the above addresses. Website at <http://www.oneprayer.org/

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