Christ-Mass (Christmas) Message

During these days at the end of the calendar year we celebrate a time we call Christmas, or Christ Mass.  There are also other religious celebrations around the world in the different religions, from Hanukkah and Kwanzaa to the ending of Ramadan.

I think it is important during this time, that no matter what your religious upbringing, or religious preference, that we remember the basic tenet of all religions: it is the basic 'Golden Rule'; Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself,  Wish for your neighbor that which you would wish for yourself, Bring no harm unto others that you would not want brought onto yourself. I think it is important to take this Holiday season and reach out to our families, friends, neighbors, strangers, the young, the elderly, the needy, the helpless, the homeless, the disenfranchised.   What do you have that you can share?  Your time?  A hug?  A phone call?  A note?  A meal?  A blanket?  A sweater? A toy?  A donation?

Open your heart and see the abundance that you have inside of you.  Share this abundance with others.  You do not have to have money to be abundant.  Abundance comes from the generosity of your heart!  A millionaire that begrudgingly gives a dollar, is not abundant!  Go through your possessions, and see what you have that you might be able to share with others, donate to a worthy cause.  If you do not have possessions, see what of your time or yourself that you may be able to give.  Visit a shelter or seniors home or hospital, help serve meals to the hungry, make a phone call to a lonely neighbor, or better yet, visit them with a warm heart and a warm hug.  Call an old friend that you have lost contact with, repair an old relationship that needs healing.

These are the things that we will remember, the things that will stay with us, long after the holiday season is finished, and the gift boxes, wrapping paper and ribbons are long forgotten.   We can all make a difference in the world.  Let the difference begin with you.

Give the Gift of Yourself this holiday season!
You will be enriched beyond words!

With Deepest Love and Affection, now and throughout the year,


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