Angels Are As Real As We Want Them To Be

Angels are as real as we want them to be.
They are there when we need them, 
They are there when we want them, and 
They are waiting for us when
We are unaware of them.
Angels are instruments of God's divine work and 
divine love for ALL of his creations.  
Angels do not see race, gender,
personality, religion or form 
(they are there for the animals too, 
for they are a part of God's creations), 
They only see us as a
part of all creation and 
You have Angels and miracles in your life all the time, 
You just may not always realize it.
Wouldn't it be a sad, boring world without Angels?

If you are feeling sad or bored, why not invite an Angel of Light
into your life?  (It can't hurt!)      

Blessings, Sherry Sherry

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