MAY 30, 2002
Rev. Sherry Sherry

At this time, there are many peoples in the world that are focused on peace.  But there are just as many focused on unrest and disturbance. These are the energies of anger and aggression.  So, you may ask, how can the energies of peace overcome the energies of aggression?

We would say, at this time, as well as those energies that are focused towards manifesting peace and harmony into the physical realm, there is a need to put focus into the manifesting of “Miracles”.That through whatever avenues, whatever beliefs an individual may have - that they call forth Miracles, to be appearing around the globe, in the physical, in the emotional, in the etheric. Ask for Miracles to manifes in all levels of energy.

What types of Miracles?

Well, it would be whatever Miracles that would catch the attention of the many, to bring into their awareness that there is not only a higher power involved, but there is a connectivity of all living things. And that through this profound awareness coming into their minds, through their souls into the physical level, into their consciousness on the physical level, may they be awakened or re-awakened to their true essence and their true soul resonance and energy, and true source.

And so it is through the manifestation and materialization of different types of Miracles around the world that this truth and realization will it be brought into the awareness of many. Many believers, many non-believers, and many who are not sure what they are, will be made aware of these Miracles, and come into their own awareness thru the recognition of the source of these Miracles. And that even those that are believers of one faith or another, that feel that their aggression and anger moves forward in righteousness, that think they are on a divine path, the Miracles that will manifest and materialize before them will show them that the way of anger, and the way of aggression, is not truly Creator's way. That is NOT God's way

It is urgent that this happen in a very timely fashion, of communications to go out so that indeed those that are focusing or praying or meditating or contemplating on those energies of creating peace that are putting their activities and energies into manifesting and creating peace, will use this tool and this instrument of calling forth Miracles, whatever they (the Miracles) may be - to awaken others.

What should you do if you witness a Miracle, know of a Miracle, or hear about a Miracle

Share the Miracle with others!!!  Share it with everyone that you know and that you meet!!

Why? So that the word of the Miracles will spread to every corner of the globe, to every culture, to every region. So that no being will be left untouched by the power of these Miracles. By the sharing of the Miracles, many souls will be awakened to their true nature and begin to abandon their ways of hatred, fear, anger and aggression. They too will begin the movement towards peace to all of mankind.

Some of the Miracles may need to be shocking. Some of the things that occur may not necessarily seem to be Miracles, such as an earthquake or a volcano eruption. But those are blasts or jolts of energy to shaken and awaken in the physical realm.

Say a country is preparing to go to war, and through divine purpose and will, a supreme natural disaster occurred to their country. Their thoughts would be diverted from war and aggression. And those souls that would, say, experience the full ramifications of that natural disaster, would do so in a concerted effort to bring awakening, awareness, and in that regards leading towards peace as part of the divine plan. So on a soul level, they have agreed to experience this natural disaster to help bring the awareness of the need for peace and the awakening of other souls.

And some may ask "Well, what is the difference if human lives, animal lives are killed through a man made event or a ‘nature’ made event?" And the difference is the intent and the energy behind it, and the boundaries of it. A natural occurring event has some parameters or boundaries or limitations. A tidal wave would not go around the world in one fell swoop and obliterate the entire world. A volcano can only erupt so much and vent so much lava. An earthquake again only has so much shifting and adjusting before it settles down. So geographically and energetically, they are very limited, yet powerful.

But when events are of a man-made nature, they are limited only by man, and his or her actions.Also it is the intent and the force behind it.

So we would say, at this time, it is very timely to focus on Manifesting Miracles. .And whether you call it God's will, Great Spirit, Creator, Divine Purpose, or Divine Harmony, it is about bringing Miraclesso that, above all, souls are awakened to their true nature, and treat each other accordingly.

Is this understood here? 


Sherry Sherry

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