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Community Chapel for Wholistic Healing

This page is  new and waiting for more  transcripts to be uploaded.  Channeled materials from Rev. Michelle Lusson, Founder of CCWH, and Pastor Emeritus, and Rev. Sherry Sherry will be posted to this page.        
 You may view transcripts from 13 years of channeling by Rev. Sherry on her website at

Below are some of the channeled messages from Rev. Sherry Sherry.  Rev. Sherry working through her higher consciousness, channels a group consciousness identified as "The Masters", and includes Archangel Michael (MikaEl), Gabriel, Lord St Germaine, White Eagle and others, including members of The Great White Brotherhood. 


New Year's January 2005

  • Expect that the Western Coast of the USA will be deluged with water, not from the
    oceans, but from the skies.  Land will move, but more from water than from earthquakes
  • There are scandals in the white house that will continue to be covered up, watch as others in the white house begin to position themselves to be in the line of succession as they don't expect Bush to fulfill his term and Cheney to not be a viable candidate beyond 2006
  • Political smoke screens will continue to be raised to direct attention away from real issues
  • Expect that the Catholic leader, The Pope to continue in declining health and we see a serious turn in his health in late March to very early April, with the first week of April   being a strongly potential time for his earthly departure
  • The Pope will not be the only male religious leader to depart the world this year
  • Asian areas will have more earthquakes of strong magnitude in the coming year
  • An african american female of great fame may unexpectedly leave the earthly plane in this coming year
  • The economy is being artificially supported, but will continue to be fairly stable
  • Real estate continues to be the best investment, but avoiding some of the hyper inflated markets


"A TIME FOR MIRACLES" kitten and chick.jpg

MAY 30, 2002
Channeled Message From The Masters
Channeled by:

Rev. Sherry Sherry
(c) 2002 All rights reserved

At this time, there are many peoples in the world that are focused on peace.  But there are just as many focused on unrest and disturbance. These are the energies of anger and aggression.  So, you may ask, how can the energies of peace overcome the energies of aggression?

We would say, at this time, as well as those energies that are focused towards manifesting peace and harmony into the physical realm, there is a need to put focus into the manifesting of “Miracles”.That through whatever avenues, whatever beliefs an individual may have - that they call forth Miracles, to be appearing around the globe, in the physical, in the emotional, in the etheric. Ask for Miracles to manifes in all levels of energy.

What types of Miracles?

Well, it would be whatever Miracles that would catch the attention of the many, to bring into their awareness that there is not only a higher power involved, but there is a connectivity of all living things. And that through this profound awareness coming into their minds, through their souls into the physical level, into their consciousness on the physical level, may they be awakened or re-awakened to their true essence and their true soul resonance and energy, and true source.

And so it is through the manifestation and materialization of different types of Miracles around the world that this truth and realization will it be brought into the awareness of many. Many believers, many non-believers, and many who are not sure what they are, will be made aware of these Miracles, and come into their own awareness thru the recognition of the source of these Miracles. And that even those that are believers of one faith or another, that feel that their aggression and anger moves forward in righteousness, that think they are on a divine path, the Miracles that will manifest and materialize before them will show them that the way of anger, and the way of aggression, is not truly Creator's way. That is NOT God's way

It is urgent that this happen in a very timely fashion, of communications to go out so that indeed those that are focusing or praying or meditating or contemplating on those energies of creating peace that are putting their activities and energies into manifesting and creating peace, will use this tool and this instrument of calling forth Miracles, whatever they (the Miracles) may be - to awaken others.

What should you do if you witness a Miracle, know of a Miracle, or hear about a Miracle

Share the Miracle with others!!!  Share it with everyone that you know and that you meet!!

Why? So that the word of the Miracles will spread to every corner of the globe, to every culture, to every region. So that no being will be left untouched by the power of these Miracles. By the sharing of the Miracles, many souls will be awakened to their true nature and begin to abandon their ways of hatred, fear, anger and aggression. They too will begin the movement towards peace to all of mankind.

Some of the Miracles may need to be shocking. Some of the things that occur may not necessarily seem to be Miracles, such as an earthquake or a volcano eruption. But those are blasts or jolts of energy to shaken and awaken in the physical realm.

Say a country is preparing to go to war, and through divine purpose and will, a supreme natural disaster occurred to their country. Their thoughts would be diverted from war and aggression. And those souls that would, say, experience the full ramifications of that natural disaster, would do so in a concerted effort to bring awakening, awareness, and in that regards leading towards peace as part of the divine plan. So on a soul level, they have agreed to experience this natural disaster to help bring the awareness of the need for peace and the awakening of other souls.

And some may ask "Well, what is the difference if human lives, animal lives are killed through a man made event or a ‘nature’ made event?" And the difference is the intent and the energy behind it, and the boundaries of it. A natural occurring event has some parameters or boundaries or limitations. A tidal wave would not go around the world in one fell swoop and obliterate the entire world. A volcano can only erupt so much and vent so much lava. An earthquake again only has so much shifting and adjusting before it settles down. So geographically and energetically, they are very limited, yet powerful.

But when events are of a man-made nature, they are limited only by man, and his or her actions.Also it is the intent and the force behind it.

So we would say, at this time, it is very timely to focus on Manifesting Miracles. .And whether you call it God's will, Great Spirit, Creator, Divine Purpose, or Divine Harmony, it is about bringing Miraclesso that, above all, souls are awakened to their true nature, and treat each other accordingly.

Is this understood here? 


Sherry Sherry


Sherry Sherry             Group Channeling             1-20-2002

4 happy_dolphins.jpg

Let's Create Mass Peace instead of Mass Hysteria,
Let's communicate through Mass Consciousness
copyright 2002  Rev. Sherry Sherry   all rights reserved

One of the things that we would speak with you about this evening is about communication.  And it is not about communication in the sense that you pick up a device of some sort, as a telephone, or a radio, or some other such device to communicate with one another.  But rather we speak of the communication that comes at a soul level - it comes at that level that you call mass consciousness.

And it is to understand that indeed there is that form, that energy that is called mass consciousness that does truly exist.  It does truly have influence and power, as you would say.  And we would say to you in this time that you would call the digital age, where everyone seeks instant access to information, instant communication and connection with one another, is that what you are truly seeking is access to the information that is present everywhere.  All knowledge is contained in the mass consciousness. And it is that when you tap into the Mass Consciousness, those things that you seek to know or ask to know are brought to you from the mass consciousness.

If you seek to communicate with one another, again you tap into that reservoir of energy that you would call Mass Consciousness, to reach directly to the one that you choose to connect with.  Some people call it telepathy.  But telepathy is to mass consciousness what Morse code it to communications as they are now. Telepathy is a limited version of the understanding of the higher consciousness that we are all one. Now does it mean that you jump in the river known as consciousness and allow yourself to be swept away by the current?  No, it is that you train yourself when to tap into mass consciousness, and when to be disconnected from it.

It would be as your computer.  You may have it turned on all of the time - and that would be awareness.  But it does not mean that you are sitting there waiting for every message to come in, reading every message as it comes in. Rather, when you feel the need, or when you are drawn, you go to your computer, you tap into it, and you read the messages that are meant for you.  If someone has an urgent message for you, perhaps the computer has a way to communicate with you, perhaps it calls you on the pager, or on a cell phone.

And so it is, in the Mass Consciousness, in the Higher Consciousness, all messages are out there.  When do you tap into it?  When do you receive your messages, from an individual, from a grouping.  And when one individual needs to connect with another, you can as you would say mark your message in a priority way, so that it will reach the person.  And if the person is tuned in to the higher levels of consciousness, they will receive it.

Now if they do not receive it, it does not mean that they are unable to tune in to higher consciousness, it means that at that time, they are either un-aware of how to do that, or they do not have their communication awareness turned on at that moment.  For even your computer takes time to reboot, to renew and regenerate. This is why often you will wake up from your sleep state with thoughts of someone, or inspiration of someone, or thoughts that turn out to be prophetic.  That you awaken from your dream state with, say, thoughts that a plane will crash into a tall building, and then it happens.  Because, in your sleep state, you were, instead of surfing the cyber waves, you were surfing the mass consciousness waves.  The thought waves.

In your culture it is a statement that is often made saying "the dumb animals, the poor animals".  The animals are already trying to show us a system of connection and awareness, not only within a specific species, but interspecies also.

There is a book called "A Farmers Almanac" that predicts what the coming year weather will be like based on signs that they read in nature.  What are the caterpillars doing, what are the birds doing, what are the squirrels doing, what are the beavers doing, what are the deer doing?  Are they growing extra fur, are they storing extra food?  Or are they being very blasé about the impending season of winter coming up?  And they base their predictions based on the characteristics and behavior patterns of the plant and animal kingdom.  In the plant and animal kingdom they call it instinct.  They know it is going to be a cold winter so they grow extra fur, they store extra food, the plants behave in a certain way, they shed their leaves early, or they grow a thinker bark.

It is that they are tuned in to their own level of mass consciousness and awareness.  They are communicating with one another.  And you may say, "Well, how do the dolphin in the ocean communicate with the squirrel in the tree, or the caterpillar on the branch."  They are putting it into their mass consciousness.  Today, you use satellites, radar, Doppler, to predict your weather.  But do you think one hundred years ago or a thousand years ago or five thousand years ago that the weather was a surprise every day?  No, the signs were read.  And part of the signs that were read, besides observation of the physical signs, was tuning in to the signs, and symbols coming from the mass consciousness, from the plant and animal kingdom.  For if we are all thinking in a language, say English, we might not understand what someone is thinking if they think in Japanese.  But, if they are thinking in symbols, in pictures, we will understand what they are thinking.  And so it is in the plant and animal kingdom.  Do the animals of the sea sense that their habitat is warmer than normal?  This is a symptom that you would call "El Nino" in a weather pattern.  But they communicate this throughout the ocean realm, and that communication goes into the mass consciousness of the plant and animal kingdom.  And that is communicated to the birds that travel vast distances, and take it with them as they go.

And you may say "well, Mass Consciousness is universal, so why wouldn't a thought coming from one place in the ocean go around the entire world?"  And it does, but your proximity to the original point of origin gives you an idea of the strength of the signal that you will receive.  If you get on an elevator with ten people, and all ten of them are afraid that the elevator is going to crash to the ground, you will be in proximity to that mass consciousness, and you will pick that up.  You will feel their fear, their concerns, their worries.  Your palms may begin to sweat.  You may begin to feel a little nervous and not understand why.  But if you were a thousand miles away, sitting on a mountain, swimming in the ocean, you will not be connected to the ten people in that elevator, and their fear, and their feelings, unless you consciously seek to connect with that.

And so it is that while a system of broadcast into mass consciousness goes out, it is the proximity to the point of origin, or to the next beacon that is carrying that message that you will tune in to.  Unless you are specifically seek that out.  And so it is, as you go through technology seeking to have instant access to information, instant communication with one another, what you are truly seeking is your connection once again with universal or mass consciousness.

So understanding this, and going back to the teachings where we have told you many times before that you are as such a beacon of light.  Understand that what you are projecting, what you are putting out is what you are putting into Mass Consciousness.  So if you get on the elevator with the ten people, and they are putting out the consciousness of fear and worry and concern, you may either be affected by that or you may put out your own energy of peace, serenity, calmness, assuredness.  And if you are an energy signal, if your thoughts going into mass consciousness are strong enough, the others on the elevator will begin to calm down also.  And nine of those ten people may not even know why they were feeling that way on that elevator.  It could be that the first person that got on the elevator had a great fear of elevators, and this was the first time they had ever ridden on one like this. And, one by one, as the elevator stopped on different floors, and different people got on, they also became affected by the energy thoughts being projected into mass consciousness by the original passenger on the elevator.

So it is to remember to be aware of the energy you project, the thoughts that you put out, and also that when you have thoughts that seem unsettling to you, or not resonating with you, ask yourself - are these my thoughts or the thoughts of another.  Perhaps you are picking up from another.  Perhaps you are picking up your fear of elevators from the other people on the elevator.  And you go "that was not my fear.  I release it. I let it go.  It is not mine.  I replace that fear with serenity, tranquility, that is what I exude.  That is what I am about."

And so let your presence in the mass consciousness be the presence that you wish to present.  And this is not to say 100% of the time that you are in perfection, and what you are broadcasting with your thoughts, your deeds, actions, your energy.  But as you become more aware of it, it becomes more and more predominant - that that is you, that is your projection, that is your energy, and that is your thought waves.  Well why is that important?  It goes right back to the mass consciousness.  One person being that beacon of light, one person being in peace and serenity and knowingness and tranquility can affect the energy of the other ten people in the elevator, and turn their fear into peace and tranquility that they will receive, and respond to, from the mass consciousness.  It is true, you have heard the words "mass hysteria", it is very true.  Everyone is calm and quiet on the subway, and one person gets upset and begins to scream.  And others don't know what they are screaming about. but they begin to scream.  And others further way hear all the screaming and they  think they must scream, or run also.  But they don't know why - they are acting to mass hysteria.  It all began with one.

So rather then create a mass hysteria, let's create mass peace.  Let's create a mass of energy.  You can not be a beacon of peace and light and say "I will pray for world peace, I will pray that we will all get along with one another" and then curse at the person that cut you off in traffic. And go to work angry about someone. Or be rude to a stranger in the store, in a public place.  Now this is not saying that you are expected 100% of the time to be perfectly at peace serenity, we are saying that is a goal to reach for.  But the more that you become peace and serenity, the more you will become peace and serenity.

You may say "that may not make sense."  The more peace and serenity that you are, the more peace and serenity you will be.  The more you will be, the more you are. The more you are, the more you will be.  For when you are peace and serenity, you will not think to yell at the person who cut you off in traffic.  You will not think to have a disagreeable word with a stranger in a public place.  We realize that there are your times that other people in your realm of influence may bring influences that take you away from center, or take you away from this peace and serenity - yes, that happens.  The difference is how long you stay away from that center, how quickly do you get back to it.  And when you are in that space, in that centered-ness, in that place of peace and serenity, then so can you project that energy even more forcefully and strongly into mass consciousness and allow it to take place.  For just as we gave you an example of on the subway, one person begins to scream, other begin to scream and begin to run, and they don't know why, also if you have one person sitting on a park bench, smiling contentedly, enjoying the sky. looking at the birds, observing the grass or the trees, others will also begin to gravitate to that, and slow down and relax.  And they will sit down, and they will look at the grass, or they will stop and they will look at the sky.  So to will they be influenced by this projection.
Be in Peace, Be Peace, and So You Are
Channeled Message from 'The Masters' channeled via Rev. Sherry Sherry (c) 2002


A collection of wise words regarding Spirit, Growth, Choices and Change
Channeled by Sherry Sherry May 23, 1996
Transcribed by Dave Amos 


Beacons of Light  (c) 1996

Very well then, we do begin now, and we will ask for Lord Saint Germain and Archangel Michael and the Masters of Light to be with us, working with us, in us and through us - surrounding us with the impenetrable White Christ Light.

Now it is to understand here that there are many, many paths that lead back to the return of the one.  And it is to understand here that there is no one path that is more right or more wrong if it leads you to that completion - to that connection - with the Higher Consciousness, the Higher Essence that is Your Soul, or Your Essence that is that part of The Light, that is the Original Light of All Creation.

But it is to also understand that this is a time where there is not that much time to be wasted - where there is not that much time to play on different paths and think that it does not matter.  It is indeed a time for many of using discernment, and their intuition, and their inner guidance.

It may be in your lifetime you come across that one soul - incarnate - that represents Your Teacher upon Your Path.  Or it may be that Your Path has many lights upon it to guide you along your way, which are many different Teachers, or Facilitators, or even those that come behind you to push you along Your Path.  So it is to understand that you must first begin Your Journey by going within and making that connection within you.

The question here is what might be the spark that awakens you, or that you can use to help awaken others to begin their journey.  Well, there are many different Sparks of Light that awaken an awareness, or a vibration, or a knowing-ness within many different individuals.  As you have seen, there have been many books about Angels, or such as the Celestine Prophecy that have become “mainstream” - the New York Times Best Seller List.  Through these books, through these works, they have connected other people to awakening that there is a Higher Truth, and a Higher Purpose to Existence other then the day to day survival of the physical being-ness.  For the physical being-ness, the physical body is but a vehicle to house a portion of our Consciousness through physical and emotional experiences - as we work our way back to that Higher Knowing-ness, that Higher Knowledge, that Higher Being-ness, that Higher Awareness, that Higher Connection - the Higher Self.  The Higher Self that is a part of The Light, that is a part of the Original Creation of All Things.

So it is to read books that are of interest to you.  There are many forms of divination that also work with this - be it for some the Astrology, for others the Tarot, for some the I Ching, for some the Animal Medicine.  For some the Native American way, for some the Far Eastern way, for some the Middle Eastern way, for some the Western way, the European way.  For some it is no formed thing - no form of divination, no formed religion or group of knowledge but rather a sampling of all of these different things - that are all different pieces of one larger puzzle, or one larger picture that brings it all together for them.

As a side note - It is to be sure that, with the ending of the Piscean Age, in this one physical lifetime, we are completing the Lessons, and the Learning, and the Karma of many, many lifetimes within this one physical incarnation - which is why we go through different careers, or different relationships, or different perceptions of our own persona - of what we think we are, or what we think we should be.  Why we move geographically so much.  So it is the ending of the Piscean Age that brings us opportunity in this, wonderful opportunity to complete the Karma of many, many lifetimes in one physical incarnation.  And it is to know this.  And to be aware of this.  And to take full advantage of this opportunity to rise through many, many Karmic levels.  To attain Highest State Possible of Conscious Awareness and Conscious Connection.  It does not take five, or ten, of fifteen life cycles to achieve that now.  Now is the opportunity.  Instead of walking up the mountain, now is the opportunity to run up the mountain, or fly up the mountain, or take the escalator, or the gondola, or the elevator up the mountain.  To visualize going upwards, to that pinnacle, that peak of connection and awareness.

With the arrival of the Aquarian Age comes in the High Energy that allows for the easiest connection of all with Heaven and Earth - with Soul and Body.  The energies of the Aquarian Age will be very conducive to continual high vibrations, to a minimization of the physical and emotional experiences on this planet.  That allows for a continual higher state of awareness to exist almost effortlessly within the consciousness and the awareness of each of us that are in physical body at that time.  As the veils or the vibrations become more compatible, or the veils become thinner, as you would say, between these realms, or the vibrations of the physical realm are stepped to be more closely compatible with those vibrations of the non-physical realms or dimensions - it is that it is not so easy sometimes going through this raising of vibrations, through this transition.  But it is that when we take our eyes off the goal, it is the obstacles that we see.  And if we see these not as obstacles but as opportunities - is it a huge boulder in your path or is it a stepping stone that you can climb upon to go ever upwards?  It is how you view it, and how you see it.

If you look at the Animal Medicine cards of the Native American, they speak of the Deer Card, which is Unconditional Love.  The deer wanted to go up the mountain to connect with Great Spirit.  Many other animals of the forest had tried this, but when they got to the base of the mountain, there was a bridge that was guarded by a huge and vicious troll.  It scared the other animals away, so they were unable to reach the top of the mountain - to reach Great Spirit.  But when the deer decided it was his time - that he felt called to go connect with Great Spirit - when he got to the base of the mountain and encountered the troll, he had never seen a troll before, so he looked at the troll with unconditional love.  The louder and angrier the troll became, the more the deer looked at him with Unconditional Love and Compassion, for he wondered what bothered this soul so greatly that it would act this way, and that certainly this soul must need some love.  The more love and compassion he sent to the troll, staring at him with his large brown eyes, sending nothing but love - the troll began to grow tired and weak, and then the troll began to shrink.  Until the troll shrank down to the size of a walnut.  Then the deer crossed the bridge and went up the mountain and connected with Great Spirit.

What was his path?  What was his Truth?  What was his Energy?  It was Unconditional Love.  Know that the deer loved himself also, for the deer had to love himself to be able to give that love to others.  And he saw love in all things, and had compassion for all things.  This is where our path begins, and this is what sustains us upon our path.  We must first learn to love ourselves and love ourselves unconditionally, and to accept ourselves.

Does this mean that someone can say “Well then, I can be angry, and mean, and vicious, and obnoxious, and hateful, and say “That’s OK” and love myself?”  Well, it may be OK for them, but these are all lower vibration emotions that will not allow them to move forward.  Rather, it is to love themselves through these emotions so that they no longer need, or feel the need, to have these emotions, or express these emotions, and to love themselves through these emotions.  And to love others through these emotions also, for love is the highest vibrational emotion that there is.  Hate, anger, greed, fear, animosity, vengefulness, malevolence - these are all very low vibrational emotions.  They are the densest and heaviest emotions, and they weigh us down.  To put the energy of Love into these emotions and to transmute them begins to raise our own vibrations - in us, and around us.

If you are around other people that are expressing these emotions around you, look at yourself - is there something in you that calls these emotions to you?  Is there something in you that triggers these emotions in others?  Are these others being a mirror for you?  If so, send love and light into that area of your emotional being-ness, your emotional existence.   You may feel it also somewhere in your physical existence - a vibration, an AKA chord that resonates with that.  Send Love and Light in there, and transmute it.  And if it comes back, do it again.  And if it comes back, do it again - until that space, or that vibrational space, or that emotional space, or that physical space is so filled with the energy of Love and Light that the lower vibration emotions and feelings can no longer exist there.  It may happen with one effort, it may happen with repeated efforts.  But without any effort, it will not happen.

You may go to a healer, or a counselor, or practitioner of some form to help you with this - they can only help you help yourself.  They can not ascend for you.  They can not heal for you.  But they can help you in healing yourself, and in raising your vibrations, and in seeking your awareness.  For often we do need the hand of another, or the knowledge of another, or the energy of another to help us - but they can not be it or do it for us, no more then our parents could graduate from high school or kindergarten for us.  They can help us along the way, they can buy us clothing to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, they can give us good meals, they can emotionally support us and encourage us, but they can not go to school nor can they graduate for us.  It requires our effort, and our continual learning.  And the same is true upon that which you would call the Spiritual Path of Knowledge and Awakening.

So it is to be the student.  Ever mindful.  Ever learning.  And to help yourself.  Know that there are others that will help you along the way.  When the time is appropriate, seek that parent, or that friend, or that guidance counselor, or that teacher.  Know that as you are the teacher, you are also the student.  And as you are the student, you are also the teacher.  For we are both, simultaneously.  As we learn, we grow.  And as we learn and grow, we share with another - and through that sharing, we are what you would call the teacher.  But the teacher is ever evolving in the student.  For the teacher that thinks that they have nothing else to learn has much to learn.  Now it may be that someone may be truly very spiritually aware, very vibrationally ascended, as you would say - yet they continuously learn also.  It may be that they learn something new about the physical realm, or the emotional realm, or they attain still yet another higher level of awareness in the spirit realm.  But it is continuous.

You say “Well, do we never quit learning?”  There is a point, at some future, future point - we will not even say a point in time, we will just say at a point - when you would say that yes, the learning has ended.  At that time is when each of us has returned to One-ness, and to Unity with the Original Creation.  But that is not for a long “time” yet, for we have many paths to travel, not only in this physical realm and dimension, but in other realms and dimensions.  As we leave this physical realm and dimension and become complete with it we will be in the next realm and dimension - most likely helping those that are in this realm and dimension, the third dimension, as you would call it.  So we are continuously working and helping, and it is with joy in our hearts, and unconditional love.

Upon this path, does this say that there is never a moment when we feel tired, or weak, or inadequate, or sad, or overwhelmed?  Well, as long as we are in the physical realm, it is very likely that indeed we may experience this.  But the difference is, then - how do we react to it?  How do we treat this emotion, or this experience?  Do we allow it to overwhelm us, and defeat us?  Or do we open that door, and explore it, and see where it came from so we can clean out that room, so to speak.  Clean out whatever triggered that emotion - or understand where it came from.  Maybe it was a learning and growing experience for us.  Maybe it was something that we needed to become complete with karmically.  Maybe we were picking it up from another so that we could help another through our understanding, by our experience of it.  So do not think that if you have a time when you feel sad, or depressed, or fatigued, or overwhelmed, or angry, that you have just lost all of the growth that you may have attained.  But understand that now you will be different in it - you will not be overwhelmed by it.

We have spoken before of the pound of melted butter on the piece of burnt toast.  The burnt toast represents the lower vibrational emotion or energy that you may experience.  The pound of melted butter is the Light and the Love that you pour over this toast until the toast is saturated with this new energy of the Light and the Love.  And it is transmuted by that.

So it is to understand that upon your growth there may be times when things seem to not move forward, or sometimes when you seem to take a step backwards.  It may be part of your experience, but do not let it stop you.  Do not let it hinder you.  Rather, keep going forward.  Perhaps when you step back it is to look at something you missed.  Perhaps when you step back it is to reinforce that step of growth that you just took, so that it is stronger for you in the future.

How to attain some of this may be a question here.  For many, many it comes through contemplation, or meditation, or that quiet time.  Some find this through a group meditation, or through a set time of their own quiet, private meditation.  For some it is taking a walk among the trees, and the birds, and the animals, and the plants of nature, and absorbing their energy, and being with nature.  This can be just as profound and transcendental as the deepest of meditations.  Sometimes it is through yoga, or Tai Chi, or many other practices that are available.  Ultimately it is connecting with that one that is within us, as well as outside of us, and all around us.  For many this connection comes as connection with nature.

When people say “go hug a tree”, it is very true.  But also be aware - some trees are in areas where the energy of the tree is not so high itself.  When you hug the tree, maybe you need to give the tree some love and some healing, rather then always expecting to receive from the tree, or from the ground that you walk upon, or from the animal that is your companion.  As we give, we receive, and as we receive, we give.  The same with the teaching, and the learning - and the learning and the teaching.

Remember to give that back into nature what you received from nature - and love, and bless, and thank all of the creations and beings that exist in this physical realm that are of the Nature Spirits.  Do not forget to thank the chair that you sit upon, or the bed that you sleep upon.  Or your friend.  Or your toaster.  Now this sounds funny, to thank your toaster, but does not it serve a function for you if you use it?  So thank it, for there are a group of cells that have come together in their consciousness to form that into existence for you.  It is not that you go around all day saying “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you” - but in your heart, you can be expressing thankfulness and joy.  As you are expressing thankfulness, you are becoming aware of everything you have to be thankful for.  This puts you in a higher state, a higher vibrational awareness - and puts you closer to that state of Joy.

We will not bore you with the entire message here, but we have said to be in a state of joy in whatsoever you are about.  And express that joy.  For each of us is necessary in our part and our function, and it has nothing to do with our avocation.  You see the Janitor mopping the halls of the school.  He knows that the very next day the kids will come and throw gum and trash on the floor, yet he whistles as he works, for he knows his place in the Universe.  He has Joy in what he is doing, and he is a happy person.  Yet you may see the Dean of the school who is very unhappy, and feels pressured, and is not having Joy in what he is doing.  Maybe he has Joy once a year when it is graduation time, and maybe his Joy is because all of the students are leaving.  Maybe it is Joy because he finally realizes “this is what I am here for, it is to help people to attain higher levels of education.”  But he and the Janitor are both vital components of the overall school system, be it the elementary school, or be it the highest college in the land.  They are both vital components, for the school could not function very well for very long without either of them.  If you came down to the day-to-day nitty-gritty of it, the school would probably have a harder time functioning without that Janitor there every day.  So he has Joy, for he knows he is needed, and he knows he is fulfilling a role and a purpose.  And in expressing that Joy, he shares that Joy with others.  He is a sign to others, and he is of upliftment to others.  There is no greater Joy than that.

For what Joy is there if we work only on ourselves and we have not helped others?  For we could have raised ourselves to a place that if we have not helped others along the way, it could be a very lonely place indeed.  Then we loose that space of Joy, and we are back at the beginning, re-learning - trying to figure out for ourselves where we got misguided previously.  So it is in the Joy of helping others also,  whatever that service or help may be.  For if we all thought that we all must be the dean of a college to be of help to others, where would the teachers be?  Where would the guidance counselors be?  Where would the Principals be?  Where would the school secretary be?  And the gym teacher, and the janitor, and the bus driver?  Where would all of these people be?  The Dean’s office would be very crowded, and the school would be out of balance quite quickly.

If you could visualize life, or Earth, as one large school building, but know that it takes many different components, and many different types of teachers to help everyone reach that level of awareness that you would call graduation - and to find your purpose and your goal.  And sometimes your goal is to be the student that goes from class to class.

Begin with yourself - in contemplation time and quiet time, in connecting your essence, your being-ness and your awareness, seek out the Light within you.  As you seek out the Light within you, it becomes ever stronger.  As the Light within you and around you becomes ever stronger, you become as a Beacon to others to help them awaken that there is something more - just as these books on Angels and other such topics are awakening people that there is more than what they thought there was - they thought there was just physical and emotional day-to-day existence.  Now they are becoming aware that there is so much more, and this awareness that there is so much more gives them hope.  Gives them Joy.  Gives them Upliftment.  Yes, there are those few that may feel that it is overwhelming, or that they are not worthy, or that they are too far behind that they can not catch up.  You be that Beacon of Light to show them the Path, and to show them that there is a way.  And that it is a long path, and that it is a wide path, and each of us are just upon a different place on that path.  But we are upon the Path.

Know, dear beloved ones, that you also are upon that Path - and in your perfect place upon that Path.  But you must decide - if you choose to stay where you are at, or if you would choose to move forward.  You know, we always say that we pray for the Light to be before you, to guide your footsteps upon Your Path.  And that Light comes in many different forms.  That Light may come from others who are shining their Light for you.  The Light may come from yourself, to show you your way.  The Light may come from your Guides that are not in this physical dimension.  But there are many different Lights lighting your path, just as you are part of a Light lighting the Path in it’s entirety - that every soul is upon.

So it is in your upliftment and your awareness that you uplift not only yourselves, but others.  So it is - as you do your upliftment and your awareness not just for yourself, but for the many.  But it begins with yourself, and it begins within yourself.  So when we say to be self-centered, it is not in the egotistical sense that - that the world revolves around you.  But rather being centered in yourself, and in your self-awareness, and in your self knowing-ness.  To have a balanced energy - to be centered in that sense.  And to become balanced - so that your Light becomes ever brighter and ever stronger.  This is what being self-centered is about - it is about being centered in the self.

Now, as you go along your path, you will encounter many teachers - and many people who think they are teachers.  Sometimes they are here not to teach us upliftment, but to teach us lessons.  And sometimes those lessons may be in discernment.  You may go, afterwards - “How could I have believed such a person.  How could I have believed such a thing.  How could I believe.  How could I have let myself go so far astray?”  Well, you have not gone far astray if you realized and awoke - that perhaps this person did not have your highest good, or your highest interests at heart when they presented themselves to you as a teacher.  But, rather than being angry at them, or ashamed or angry at yourself, ask “What did I learn by this?  Why, I have probably learned that I will never do this again!  I will use more discernment, I will use more intuition, I will choose more wisely in the future.”  And this is true whether it is in an emotional relationship, a love or friendship relationship, or choosing our teachers, or just making all of the choices in our life.

There is no wrong choice - just some are larger learning experiences than others.

Take it as a learning experience.  Not as a defeat or a failure or a mistake, but rather as a learning experience.  For as you have learned from it - if you have truly learned you will not make that same type of choice again (you would say we would not make that mistake again, but we would say you would not make that same type of choice again).  And also, you may help others avoid making that same type of choice - if it is for their upliftment.  Sometimes we must make those choices, and go through those experiences so that we can learn that we never want to do it again.

Just as a person may seem to “choose” those relationships that seem to be poor choices - they continuously choose those relationships that are downgrading, or not uplifting.  Say they choose people that allow them no personal or emotional freedom or growth, or people that are emotionally or physically abusive, or violent, or controlling, or domineering, or manipulative.  Or say they choose relationships where they seem to continuously choose the people that want someone to carry them through life, and take care of them, and do everything for them - people who do not help themselves but rather seem to be more of a parasite on the person that they have a relationship with.  A parasite is that which attaches itself to a host and provides nothing in return.  This is also what is referred to as someone who vampires energy, or vampires emotions, or vampires time - they are all just forms of energy.  So it is to be aware that you are not a parasite, nor are you a host to a parasite.  For if a parasite is upon you, draining from you your energy, there is less that you have to share for others.

There are those that will argue the point here and say “Well, if you are the host and the parasite obviously you have some soul agreement to be such, and therefore there is a reciprocal energy”, and taking it to the n’th degree of discussion there are those cases where that may be true.  Maybe they have reversed roles from a previous life where they played parasite and host to one another.  But it is also in the upliftment of both to break that cycle, and to understand that Karma, and to work through it, and to transmute it.  If they remain in that cycle, with no understanding or awareness of what brought it into existence or being-ness in the first place, then they have not grown.  They have just completed an energy obligation between the two of them.  If they both came come into an understanding of what brought them into this role and grow through it and beyond it, they are both uplifted.

Going back to the parasite and the host relationship, or the abusive relationships, or the downgrading relationships - any relationships, or any choices of jobs, or education, or many, many different choices - even down to how you spend your time or spend your money.  If you are continuously in a cycle of making choices that are not uplifting to you, go within yourself and in your meditation, or go to one that you trust to seek the answers as to why you are in this cycle, why you will make these choices, and what it would take to break the cycle, and to get you out of that cycle so that you can then progress upon your path rather then say running in circles or cycles.  When you see others in these cycles, it is not necessarily that you are to run in to rescue them, and say “Look at this, you are doing the same thing over and over - it is time to change this.”  For maybe they did not ask you, or maybe they did not want to know.  But if they had come to you, and they say “I just don’t know what is going on, I always seem to choose the wrong relationship, or the wrong job, or I never seem to make the right choices with my time, or my money, or my energy.  Why am I doing this?  Why is this going on?  It feels so hopeless.”  If they come to you with that question, they have opened the door for you to help them find the answer.  For often, when you hand someone an answer in a silver platter, they do not own it.  They do not feel that it is true.  But you can help them find the answer.  You can say “Well, why don’t we meditate on this and see what we get?  Why don’t we go to a hypno-regressionist, or therapist and see what we get?  Why don’t we go to a counselor and see what we find out, or an intuitive?  And find out why.  Why don’t we spend some time on this together and brain-storm, and see what we come up with.  Let’s look at what is going on here.  What do you feel would cause that?  Well, you know, my feeling is, or I have heard, or my experience has been .... ”  Say the cycle seems to be one of self-worth, choosing relationships where someone is continuously domineering them, or controlling them, or abusing them.  “Well, you know, my experience was it is self-worth.  How does that feel to you?  Do you feel that that could be true?”  And allow them to start feeling it and owning it.  “OK. Yes, You know, you are right, it is self-worth.  I guess I never believed I deserved somebody who would treat me good.”  Now you go to the next step - why do you feel that way, what makes you feel that way?  And then, what can we do to change that?  Then you have broken the cycle and changed the energy.  If you rush into someone, and say “You know, you always choose the wrong relationship, and I think it is because you have no self-worth, and I am getting pretty fed up with it, and I think it is time you made a change!” they probably will make a change.  They will probably change that you are their friend, or they will probably change listening to you.

There are times when you must become aware of someone that is in this cycle, and they have opened the door for you to help them before, they have sought your help or your advice, and they continue on the same cycle.  There is a time when you must quit putting your energy into this, and you must say “Well, I don’t know.  You know, we have discussed it a hundred times before, and nothing seems to change.  I don’t know what to tell you.  Now let’s talk about something else.”  For when you quit putting your energy into it, that is the beginning of a change right there.  For often these people also may be in a victim role, or a self sabotage role.  And when others quit playing in this with them, and quit energetically and emotionally supporting them in this they will either find others to support them and say “Oh, you poor thing - this is terrible” or they will begin to break out of the cycle.  Always understand, whatever your decision on your action is - on your energy input - make sure it comes from your heart.  Make sure it comes from your higher awareness, and what is of upliftment to you and to all involved.  So come from your heart.  In coming from your heart, you will extend your hand to help someone as many times as is appropriate - and also coming from your heart, you will know when it is appropriate not to extend that hand.  Rather, help the person find the hand at the end of their arm that would help them to uplift themselves.  For there are times when the best helping hand is at the end of our own arm.  And sometimes when the best helping hand is that that is extended by another.

It is to use your awareness and discernment in helping yourself and in helping others.  For you can not continue to help someone that will not help themselves.  That is an energy imbalance, and in all things in the universe there is reciprocal energy - even if that reciprocal energy is an acknowledgment of what the other one gave you by saying “Thank you”.  Or “I appreciate it.”  Or telling them how much they have helped you, or what a change they have meant to you.  That is a reciprocal energy.  If you were in the hospital, and the nurse comes in and gives you your medication, and gives you a bath, and changes your sheets - you can not then toss the nurse into the bed next to you and do the same for her.  But you can say “Thank you.  I really appreciate your care-taking of me.  You have helped me feel better in a time when I really needed it”  and acknowledge that nurse’s contribution.  In doing that you have reaffirmed in the nurse the worthiness of her efforts, and the appreciation and the acknowledgment of her efforts - and that is very uplifting to many.  For who among us does not appreciate acknowledgment of our efforts.  No matter how mundane or trivial they may seem, they are necessary.  Just as we go back to the school - the efforts of the janitor, the guidance counselor, the teacher, the dean, the plumber - they are all necessary in having the school operate and function at it’s optimum best.  And each of us enjoys and acknowledgment.  And this is not from the egotistical sense, but rather from the reciprocal energy sense.  Just as when you go to the dentist and he works on your teeth, most often you write him a check or pay him some cash or give him a credit card - this is a reciprocal energy, he has done something for you and money is a form of energy.  Payment and barter are forms of energy.  So it is a reciprocal energy, it is appropriate balance or energy.

Be aware in your consciousness, and be aware of your own consciousness and your own connection with your consciousness and your own growth.  Be aware of connection with others.  Are they here to perhaps help you upon your path, or are you here to perhaps help others upon their path.  Remember, we are continuously learning, and continuously sharing and growing.  Now is this to say that you learn a meditation technique and you become the meditation teacher?  Well, for some that may be true.  But if everybody that learned meditation become the meditation teacher, who would teach the cooking, or the sewing, or the building, or the Reiki, or many, many, many other things?  Just as each of us has a voice and we might be able to sing, that does not necessarily mean that, as our avocation, we now become singers.  There are many people with beautiful voices, but it is not their avocation in this lifetime to be a singer.  Rather they use their voice - perhaps they sing in a choir, perhaps they sing at weddings, perhaps they sing to themselves or they sing to their flowers, perhaps they just sing in the shower.  Singing is an expression of Joy.  And some may become singing teachers, or voice teachers, and others truly up on the stage to sing to the enjoyment of many.  Is this to say that if you can not be a singer as an avocation then that you should not sing at all?  No.  But it is also to say that just because we have a voice and we can sing, it does not necessarily mean that our avocation for this lifetime is to be a singer.  Or maybe it is not a full-time avocation, maybe it is part-time.

For there are many souls who, as they have come into spiritual connection and spiritual awareness, have immediately sought to give up their avocation or employment to go upon the road and become a teacher or a sharer of the knowledge they have learned.  For a very high percentage, a year or two or five years later they feel very disappointed, and let down, and abandoned.  For they had money struggles, and it did not work as they thought it would, and some of them ended up declaring what you would call financial bankruptcy, or losing a home or a vehicle that they had worked for previously.  So then they feel abandoned by the Divine.  They feel that the Universe did not support them in their work.  Maybe it was that at this time this was not their work - or maybe it was not their full-time work.  Maybe it was not their financial support.  When you reach this state of awareness, and state of energy, it is a very splendid feeling, a very uplifting feeling - and one that you want to share with many.  It is easy, in the excitement and the joy of what you feel and wanting to share it with others to sometimes feel that this is what you are to do.  “I’ve Got to share this with others, I can’t keep it to myself.”  But truly go within yourself and feel - is this also to be your avocation and employment?  When you make it your avocation and employment you also create a shift in the energy of your sharing, because you may begin sharing from joy of “I know this, I feel this, this is so wonderful I want everyone to know this and feel this!!”  You begin with that joy.  But after a while, your energy shifts to “Oh dear, I have this phone bill to pay, or this car payment to make, or I need to pay for plane tickets to go to this place and teach.”  And your energy begins to shift - “Now, how many people do I need to have in this workshop to pay the bills?  How many people do I need to counsel individually so that I can make my house payment or my car payment?”  And then, when there is not enough, your energy truly changes to “I need to get more people, so I can make more money.”  And you have lost your original intent, your original focus.

So it is to understand that you may share, and this may truly be your life’s purpose, and your life path, and your avocation all rolled into one.  But it is to understand that it also may not be that, or it may be that you share on a part time basis.  For sometimes it is very appropriate to have that which you would call outside employment, so that you receive a paycheck every week or every two weeks that pays your bills, that supports your foundation so that your teaching still comes from a space of awareness, and Joy, and the Joy of wanting to share.  There are those for whom it is truly their path, and that the Universe will support them, as they will support themselves through this work.  And it is when you go to these teachers, or these sharers, it is truly appropriate to support them upon their path, just as people tithe to a church, or send donations to an Avatar, or a Master.  When a wedding is performed, a donation is made to the Minister or Priest that performs the wedding.  It is an appropriate exchange of energy, for it is supporting that person upon their path, and their path is truly that of being a Light, of being a Teacher, of being a Sharer, of being a Master.  And we each have our role and our place, and whatever that place is, it is to have Joy in it.

There is a story of the master Sai Baba.  Someone went to visit Sai Baba and was shocked to find Sai Baba cleaning the room that would stay in.  They could not believe that Sai Baba was cleaning this room, and they rushed in and they wanted to clean it - themselves.  To change the sheets on the bed, and to sweep the floor.  Sai Baba said “No.  I want you here, and this is my Joy - to prepare this room for you.”  Sai Baba did not lament that he was sweeping the floor.  He was joyful that these people were coming and he wanted them to have a good space.  He had joy in sweeping that floor and in preparing the room for these guests that were coming.  Even though the guests themselves felt totally unworthy, and they wanted to bathe the feet of Sai Baba, Sai Baba had joy in sweeping and preparing the room that they were to stay in.

So it is not to say that he is “not above” sweeping the floor, or that they are above washing his feet.  It is rather to have Joy in what you are doing, to understand what you are doing, and to put Joy in it.

If you read the stories of the Aborigines (and here we have often recommended the book “Mutant Messages from Down Under”) you understand that they acknowledge the special-ness and uniqueness of each individual within their tribe or within their community, and all are valued.  There is an Elder or the Chief of the tribe.  He is not necessarily the oldest in the tribe, but just that his skills and his awareness make it most appropriate for him to be the Elder.  There is the Medicine Man and the Healing Woman, the Secret Keeper and the Dream Interpreter, the One Who Talks to Birds and Animals and the Sewer, the Music Maker and the Instrument Maker, the Tool Maker and the One who helps build the Fire every night at camp and who carries the wood and the kindling with them each day.  If it is a cold night, the person that makes the fire feels a lot more valuable in that moment then, say, the Elder.  But when they are hungry or need feathers, the One that Speaks with the Birds and calls the birds in is just as valuable.  Or if someone has a secret that they truly need to share in greatest confidence, the Secret Keeper is very valuable to them.

The tribe as a whole recognizes the uniqueness, and special-ness, and value of each individual within the tribe.  Each of them goes into that place within the tribe that their talents are most suitable to.  And yes, they change and evolve, and throughout their lifetime they will change their name.  Sometimes the Instrument Maker will become the Music Maker.  Then, as he grows, he may become the Master Music maker.  Then he may achieve a level where he is tired of making the music, but has decided he has thought of a new way to make even better instruments, and he will change his name again to Instrument Maker - or he may change his name to Master Instrument Maker.  So they do change and evolve throughout their lifetimes.  Sometimes they do change their roles, and Therefore their titles, as you would call it.  But they always have Joy in their roles, and when they no longer have Joy in the role they go to the Tribe and they seek to either re-find the Joy that they had in the role or see if it is time to change their role.  Sometimes it is merely that they just needed to re-find the Joy in their role.

Each of us is special, and unique, and feels fulfills a place and role within society as a whole, and within consciousness as a whole.  That is truly what it is about - it is about the community of consciousness.  Be aware that each of us is important within our place, within consciousness, as well as within society and within community in the Physical realms as well as in the Spirit realms.  Be aware of that, and through your own meditations, your own inner awareness, or with the guidance and help of others become aware of your chosen path for this lifetime, and what are those footsteps upon your path that will lead you to successful completion or graduation of your choices for this lifetime.

Begin with the meditation, just as each journey begins with the first footstep.  Continue with many different sharings, and teachings - whether it is through divination, or through meditation, or through healings, or through regressions, or through counseling of intuitives or other forms.  Continuously seek your Highest Good, your Highest Awareness, your Highest and Brightest Light, and share that Light with others.  Do not force it upon others, but be like the Beacon of Light.  The Light does not command someone to come to it, but rather a Beacon of Light is a Light that Shines upon the Path for others to find The Way, if they so choose.

Find your Perfect Divine Guidance within you and for you, and follow that upon Your Path.  There may be those times when you choose to withdraw and be quiet - this is your time of going within.  Now if you spend a hundred years going with, then you are not moving forward.  Look at why you can not seem to move forward, or why you are so focused within you can also not see without.  For if you are truly only focused within, and say you spend that hundred years focused within, maybe you did need that time, but that is a very exceptional maybe.  Maybe is that you got so focused within you forgot to focus without - for it is through upliftment in others as well as ourselves that we truly progress.  If we are focusing in continuously and not shining our light back out, we have lost what the focus within was about.  This is when you might say being self-centered comes more from the egotistical sense - we got so focused on our own selves that we forgot about all of the other selves in us and around us who are perhaps energetically supporting us as we search within.

It is also to shine that Light back out.  Do not have hopelessness, do not have despair.  When these emotions come in, find out where they came from, and why they happen - and then release them or transmute them, or put the energy in to change them.  If sometimes you feel that you have forgotten a spiritual lesson - say you get angry at someone and you shout at them or you say hurtful things - if you beat yourself up you have not improved the situation one iota.  But rather, ask “Oh, dear, why did I do that, where did it come from, and how can I make sure it does not happen again?”  Then give a healing into yourself and into the other.  It is through breaking that cycle so it does not happen again that you are uplifted.  If you continuously have this cycle where you get angry and you say hurtful things or do mean things, and then you are contrite or humbled but then you do it again - and then you are contrite and humbled - if you continue that cycle, recognize that you are running in circles, and that your contriteness and humbleness has not broken the cycle.  This is what you need - you need to transmute and break that cycle, that energy pattern, that emotional pattern.  This is what you seek to do through inner awareness or guidance, whether you receive it from yourself or with the assistance of others.  It is to break cycles, or habit patterns, or emotional or energy patterns that no longer serve you or that are holding you back or not leading to your highest upliftment.

So if you, say, continuously get angry, or hurt, or lose your temper, and then you say “Oh, I don’t want to do that again”, and you do it again and do it again, or if you have the same patterns coming up in relationships, or habits, or say every year you are getting fired from a job for the same thing, then you are not breaking the energy pattern or the emotional pattern.  Find ways to break that pattern, and truly break them - once and for all.  Now is this to say that you never might slightly slide back into that pattern?  No,  but the difference is as soon as soon as you see that pattern starting to occur you stop it right there, so it does not progress into its completion, so to speak - and you break that energy cycle.  This begins to lead you into ever higher levels of vibration in your emotions, and in your awareness.  And in this you have your upliftment, that helps you and helps others.

How to go about this?  There are many different ways.  It may be through your meditation.  It may be through hypnotherapy, it may be through hypno-regression to find out if there is a past life or karmic reason for this energy or emotional pattern.  It may be through using some form of divination, it may be through going to an intuitive counselor, or channel, or psychic, as you might say.  It may be to an energy worker, such as Reiki, or a MariEL, or even to other body workers or to psychic healers.  There are many, many different ways of working through energy and emotional cycles or patterns that you choose to break.  Sometimes it may be through working just with yourself, or with one other practitioner of some form, or it may be a conjunction of several different things.  But also, if you find that you have tried ten different techniques and ten different practitioners and you still have not broken the cycle, chances are then that it is time to look within yourself and combine all of these things together to break the cycle - for you have sought a great deal of outside help, and now the final bit of help is within yourself and within your awareness.  If we continuously look outside of ourselves to others to always help us in every step of the way then we are missing the greatest help of all - which is within us.  But also it is to understand that sometimes not all of the help that we need is within us at this time, and at those times it is appropriate to seek the help of others - whether it is through physical healing, emotional healing, energy healing, or many other techniques.

How to find these people to help you?  Ask friends.  Ask for referrals.  Follow your intuition and discernment.  If you choose to go to someone, and then you are with them and there is not the energy that you expected with them, it is not necessarily their fault or that they are bad, but it is that the energy between the two of you is not right for what you need at that time.  It is then that you seek a different form of counseling, or a different person working within that field that you are seeking help through to work with you.  Say you go to a hypno-therapist, and you feel this one is not for you, and say you try another and another, and you have gone to ten different hypno-therapists, and you feel something is wrong with all of them - there is something wrong here.  And it is rather that you are not making choices through discernment or wisdom, or that on a subliminal subconscious level you are rejecting the help they are trying to give you, and this is your way of rejecting it .  Go inside, and see what emotion or fear it is that is bringing up this blockage that is blocking you from the help that they have to offer you.  Or maybe it is that the hypnotherapy is not the form for you to achieve the breakthrough that you are seeking.

But no journey begins without the first footstep.  And no journey continues without each footstep that follows it.  No matter how big or how small that step is, it is still a step upon the path that is our journey.  There are many paths that lead us back to that reunion with the oneness that is Creation and The Light.  That is truly what we seek.  We seek to do this through the physical realm.   We seek to be an expression of Heaven On Earth, for we, in our consciousness, are an expression or an essence of Heaven, and we seek to bring that expression into this physical realm at this time, and this is the meaning of Heaven On Earth.  We are an expression of Heaven On Earth.  We choose to live in the emotional state, which is unconditional love and awareness.  When we can truly live in that state and express it on the physical realm, we have truly brought the complete expression of Heaven upon Earth.

We pray that we have been of service and upliftment to you, and we pray that the Light always be before you, to guide your footsteps upon your path.

Namaste’.  And so be it.  And so it is.

“Beacons of Light” is a direct transcription of a recording generated by Sherry Sherry on May 23, 1996, and represents the wisdom her Guides, including Archangel Michael, the Lord St. Germain, and a group who call themselves “The Masters of Light” that includes White Eagle and several other Ascended Masters.

This transcription was generated and edited by Dave Amos.

All rights regarding this document are retained by Sherry Sherry and Dave Amos.
We ask that this document only be distributed or reproduced in it’s entirety, with proper credit, and that it not be published without permission.



5/1/96 Tape from Sherry - Message from the Masters -  
Transcribed by Dave Amos  Copyright 1996  Sherry Sherry and Dave Amos
Heaven on Mother Earth "H.O.M.E."blue hills.png

Very well then, it is that we are here with you now, and we first do begin by offering this prayer, in which we ask Father/Mother God, please be with us in this and all such works, leading us to that information that is of the highest good, surrounding us in this home with the impenetrable White Christ Light, and raising our vibrations and our awareness to their highest possible in each and every moment.  We ask now for the Lord St. Germain, Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Muriel, Lord White Eagle, Lady Nada, Lady Porsche, Master Jesus, Ashtar and Kuthumi to be with us, working with us and in us and through us, in divine awareness and purpose and upliftment to all.  And we offer joyous prayers to all those in all realms and dimensions to whom there are none joined in joyous prayer at this time.  And we offer them many blessings, and peace, and love and light.  In the name of Our Father, and so it is.  And so be it.

Yes, and very well - it is that we are here with you now, and again we identify ourselves as that which you would know as The Masters, or the group consciousness known as The Masters - for we are many working together.  But we are all one, and we are working together as one, and we are working for the unity of one, and the unity of all.  And that unity comes through the Light.  And that Light is the love that was given to us by original creation that comes from one-ness, that comes from all-ness, that comes from Light.  And recognize that these are just symbolic words, symbolic phrases, phraseology is used to identify that which has been given many names, many titles, many words throughout time and before time ever existed.  And it is that we use these words only for your understanding - only so that it may resonate with you.  But understand that there is much that is encompassed by this.  But we will refer to the one-ness that is our one-ness in our Father, our one-ness in our creator, and that is the essence of love.  And that is the essence or the resonance of which we all are originally existent from.  It is the beginning.  It is the all-ness.  It is the I AM.  It is the one-ness.

We have spoken to you previously of that which you would call “HOME”, and we would have you identify with it as Heaven On Mother Earth - H O M E .  And understand that Heaven on Earth is what you desire to create, and Heaven on Earth is what you are.  You are a part of Heaven.  You are a resonance of Heaven.  You bring it into the physical realm.  That is Heaven on Earth - your physical presence in this physical realm and dimension.  Heaven On Mother Earth.  Father Sky, Mother Earth.  Heaven On Mother Earth is what you bring in.  Heaven on Earth is what you are.  HOME.  H-O-M-E.  HOME is where the heart is.  Recognize that where your heart is is where your focus is, and where your focus is is where your energy and your attention go to.  And when this energy and this attention are focused through the heart, it is magnified ten-fold.  It is not the focus with the mind, or focus with the Sacral Chakra, or focus with eyes - it is the energy and the intent that come down through you, from within you, and then resonates back out from you - from your heart.  From your Heart Chakra, which is the blending of the Light from above and the Earth from below.  As above, so below.  Bring them together, and blend them into the energy that is of your heart, that is of your soul, and is of your essence.  And your essence is of Heaven.  And your essence is on Earth.  Therefore, you are Heaven on Earth.  Heaven On Mother Earth.  HOME.  Place your heart there.

We come to Earth - this physical realm and dimension identified as Earth - for many multitudes of reasons.  Many are desires to help others, many are desires to experience this physical dimensional reality, for some it is coming back for Karmic reasons - whether Karmic upliftment, Karmic indebtedness, or Karmic understanding.  For some it is a playground.  For some it is service.  For some it is a necessity, and for some it is an option - a choice.  But it is to understand here, for whatever reason, you are here.  You are here representing a portion of Heaven - the essence of the I AM presence that you are.  You may substitute any words here that feel right with your consciousness, our words here are by no means to limit consciousness, but rather they are words that many are familiar with and will find resonance with.  Whether it be the I AM Consciousness, the God Presence, or many other names that it may be called.

Of your Soul - it is the essence of Light, the essence of Heaven, the essence of our Creator, the essence of the one-ness that we are.  This is our form that we express in the physical realm, and this is the energy that we bring to the physical realm.  Recognize that within each of you is the essence that is the same essence that is within The Master known as Jesus, or Buddha, or Kuthumi, or Mohammed, or Krishna, or many, many others that have come and gone before us.  We are part of that same essence.  And so therefore should we allow our physical expression to be any less then that?  Does that me that we can not, say, have fun or that we must be serious in each moment?  Of course not.  For we are not necessarily here to be serious, we are here to have joy, and express joy, and express love in this physical existence.  And be of upliftment and service to others.  That is very serious business, but we can go about that business with great joy in our hearts and great love and light in our being and in our essence that we radiate out to others.  And it is that which we share and we give so freely that is also so freely given to us, and so abundant throughout the Universe.  And that is the Love and the Light of our true essence, the one-ness that we are.  So it is to go forth in your expression in your day-to-day activities, no matter what they may be - whether you are the person that digs the ditch or the person that builds the Temple, whether you are the person that answers the phone or you are the person that makes the call, no matter what your presence is upon this Earth, no matter what your job is, as you would call it - remember that you came to be.   And to be that essence, and to be that existence, and the expression of that essence in the physical realm.  HOME.  Heaven On Mother Earth.  The essence, and the existence of the essence in this physical plane and realm.  And be joyful in that.  Be joyful in knowing that you are part of that essence, and be joyful in knowing that you are of the Light and you are here of service.  And allow that joy to permeate every cell of your being - every thought, every deed, every action.  Allow it to be permeated with joy, and the love and the Light that is your essence and your birthright, as you would say.  For it is truly the expression of yourself.  And be ever mindful of your thoughts, and your deeds, and your actions.  And be ever mindful that they are expressing love, and that they are of upliftment, and they are of service.

Does this mean that you can never do a thing that would seem self-serving?  That you can never take a vacation?  Or that you could never enjoy an indulgence of something in the physical realm?  This would not be so.  But mindfulness in all things, and harmlessness to all things, including thyself.  For if it is that you would say that your indulgence would be to eat a ten thousand calorie snack that would lead to physical adversity for your physical being-ness, then this is not harmlessness to all things - for it is harmful to your own physical creation.  Or if it would be that you would ingest those drugs or intoxicants of many different forms that would be altering to your vibrational essence, then again it is not harmless to all things - for it is harmful not only to your physical essence but harmful in the sense of the energy then that will project from your physical essence.  But it is to be in balance and moderation and mindfulness, but be an expression of joy.  And do that which also helps bring balance and joy into your life.  But ever mindful of harmlessness to thyself, and harmlessness to all things, and in continuous joy and upliftment to thyself and to all.  For it is upon the arm of the one that you uplift shall you ascend into Heaven.  So remember here the ripple effect of when you help that one, you help the many.  When you uplift one, you help the many.  And it is in that upliftment do we all rise up in our essence and in our Light, returning ever closer to the Original Essence of which we are truly a part.

We pray for you to have Joy in all things, and Love in all things, and Light in all things, and to remember who you are, and go along that path with greatest Joy, and greatest knowing-ness.  And with many blessings.  We pray that the Light always be before you to guide your footsteps upon your path.  And Namaste’.

This transcription was generated and edited by Dave Amos.

All rights regarding this document are retained by Sherry Sherry and Dave Amos.
We ask that this document only be distributed or reproduced in it’s entirety, with proper credit, and that it not be published without permission

copyright 1996, All Rights Reserved
Rev. Sherry Sherry and Dave Amos



Wednesday, April 3rd, 1996 - and this is a channeled session by Rev. Sherry Sherry,
Transcribed by Dave Amos
copyright 1996, Sherry Sherry and Dave Amos,
All Rights Reserved, May be reproduced in it's entirety with proper credits and permissions.

Message from the Masterssunset.png
(Who are the "Masters"?)

Very well then, we are here with you now - and it is that we first choose to define for you, to some degree, the word “Masters” as used in the beginning here.  And it is not masters as in rulers or leaders, but rather masters as in graduates, as you would say - those who have attained a level of what you would call mastery, and understanding, and cohesiveness of consciousness with that what you would call Universal consciousness which exists in all things in all realms and dimensions - down to the molecular structure, down to the atoms that vibrate -

And, of course, we have spoken often here of vibrations and of vibrational rates.  And even as we have mentioned before the core temperature of the physical bodies of those that are working on elevating their vibrational levels, the core temperature of the body will go through fluctuations.  This is that the residual, or day to day, core temperature of the body will be lower then that which is called average.  But during times of adjustment, or shifting vibrations, shifting consciousness, shifting alignment just as the earth would shift it’s polarity on it’s axis - these are the times that would then manifest and what would seem to be illnesses or flu-like symptoms as discussed previously, but also generate a rising of the core temperature of the body - as it is vibrating at a new frequency.  And once it has assimilated that vibration, once it has adjusted to that vibration, once again the core temperature of the body would then drop back to what is now it’s normal temperature.  Which many are finding to be 95, 96, 97 degrees.  The next question might be “what is the reason for this drop in temperature, besides the vibrational rate and besides the processing.”  Well, it keeps the body at a lower temperature that makes it easier for your consciousness to ease in and out of the body.  The same is true of a higher temperature, which is known as fever - but that is the more detrimental to the body, or more harsher on the rest of the bodily systems, or the bodily functions.  Therefore, on a day to day basis, the bodily temperature is at an average below what you would call normal.  And this allows for ease of assimilating vibrations, changing vibrations, and also exiting the consciousness in and out of the physical body to a greater degree.  So you will find that as you practice your meditations more, or whatever your form of quiet time is - your time of processing, your time of assimilating, your time or learning, your time of growing, your time of reaching for ultimate awareness, your time of seeking self realization, self God understanding - then will lower your core body temperature.  And this is nothing to be alarmed about.  And also if your body temperature goes back up to what they call the normal range, just recognize that you are experiencing a shift in energy.

And when we speak here of self-realization, we are not speaking of the self in the name of a personal nature, using the word “personal” as it is the foundation of the word “personality”.  For there are misconceptions, on some levels, that of a personal reality is of a personal nature.  And it is having those things in the physical realm that you would want, such as say a good job, a soul mate, a nice home, a nice car, a nice vacation.  Those are things of a personal nature that are related to the field of “personality” - which is related to what we call the personality or ego consciousness.  But rather those things of a personal nature, of a personal reality, as they relate to the Universal Consciousness, and to the God Consciousness we refer to here, and things that become Mastery.  For once you understand the flow of energy, and once you understand the God Consciousness in all of nature and in all of reality - in all realms and dimensions - then you have Mastery to manifest those things in your physical or personality life that work well with you.  But also understand that if you are operating from a point of higher consciousness and higher reality, and totality of reality as we would call it - the manifestation of those things becomes less and less important to you, as you have greater awareness.  But also, if you focus your energy solely on manifesting these things simply for the sake of your creature comforts and focusing from what you would call the physical vibration reality, these things then become hindrance to you.  And this is why sometimes people find that they, through their Mastery, create them, but through being diverted by them or distracted by them do they lose their sense of Mastery and their God realization, and then do they lose these things.  And it is not losing in that they need to attain them, but they are taken from them just as a toy is taken from a child so that the child will go back to its books, and go back to its learning.  So it is to understand that in those times when things are taken from you, be they relationships or be they tangible physical properties as you would call them, go back to your books, go back to your God-self, go back to your God-realization.  And embrace that.  Embrace the totality of your God-consciousness and understanding.  And through this will you achieve Mastery.  And this is what Mastery is about - Understanding the Consciousness of All Things and the Mastery of the God-Consciousness, and the Unity of the God-Consciousness.

And this is not then to say that you should never wish for a nice thing in your physical life, or a nice relationship in your physical life, but that is not what your physical life is about.  And certainly you may have these things in your life, for that is supportive of you being in a good vibrational space and a good energy space as you work your way toward self-realization.  But it is when these things interfere or distract you from that path, then they are a hindrance.  And it is not that you must take a vow of poverty, or a vow of chastity, or a vow of celibacy - for chastity and celibacy are two different things, as you know.  Chastity is the vow to avoid physical intimate contact, celibacy is the vow not to join in the union of marriage, so they are two different things indeed.  But it is not that you have to take these vows to reach your path, though for some this is the only way, in some lifetimes, that they can do that, for they know that, in previous lifetimes, they have been distracted by material things or relationship issues, so they choose the vow of, say, chastity, or the vow of poverty, the leaving behind of material things, so that they are not distracted.  But it is to understand here that, of course, your spirituality, your spiritual nature, and the reality of your spiritual nature is that which comes first.  And then, it is after that, through your Mastery that you create those things that you desire to have in your physical realm and in your personality life, as you would call it.  For that is important also.  For if you take a vow of poverty, and then you live in a state of such need that your day-to-day existence is focused on survival of providing the necessities of the physical and emotional mind and body - then it is distracting you also from the nature of personal reality, and from the God-self and the God-Consciousness.  And this is just as detrimental - the lack of physical or material things, or personal relationships, can be just as detrimental as focusing on having them, or having too many of them, and forgetting to focus on the God-Consciousness.  And Mastery is achieving the balance between these worlds and these realms.  And creating that what you need, desire, or want to support you in the physical and the emotional realm, but still staying centered and wholly focused and connected with that, the Spirit Realm.  Just as those who achieve greatness, or fame, or wealth, as you would call it, tithe or donate regularly to what they feel are worthy causes, or give scholarships, or set up philanthropic foundations to help others.  They do not live in poverty, but they also give to others to ease the life of others so that their consciousness may not need to be focused on survival, and then therefore may turn to the matters of spirit, as you would call it.

And it is to understand to raise your children, and to raise your family, and to connect with your friends, and your coworkers, and your business partners in a way of consciousness.  And to help bring consciousness into their day-to-day activities, and day-to-day decisions.  How can you do this?  Through your actions, through your thoughts, and through your deeds.  Have a level of personal integrity that comes through you and is very apparent to others, and have then deal with you from that level of integrity, to the best of their abilities also.  Put the God-Consciousness in all things, and the needs of the many ahead of the needs of the one.  And this is true in many areas of life, both in the physical and in the spirit realms.  And to teach your children, through your actions - whether it is through teaching them the beauty and the consciousness that exists in the plant kingdom or the animal kingdom, or in that physical realm called human-kind.  And to have compassion for others.  And to recognize that everyone comes from different situations, and not that they need to embrace these different situations, but to have compassion.  And wherever possible, to offer a helping hand - a hand upward.  And if you find that, if there is one that you are helping, that you give your hand to - but instead of lifting them up, they are pulling so much, they are giving you so much of their own weight, asking you to carry their weight that it is pulling your hand down.  Then there are those times that it is better to free that hand, so that it may be of service to others.  But to understand that to uplift one is to uplift many.  And it is upon the arm of that one that you ascend into the realms of higher consciousness.  By uplifting that one you raised their vibrations and you raised their awareness.  And as the pond and the stone with the ripple effect, this magnifies and moves ever outward and touches many different people in many different areas.  So it may not be that you are the leader of a great group or organization.  It may not be that you are a nurse or a doctor or a counselor that heals many or helps many.  It may be through the actions of helping and uplifting one that you help many.  It may be through that one that you uplift that they go out and touch the lives of many, something that they would not have been able to do if not for the helping hand and the upliftment that you gave them.  So while we are ever on the path, seeking our own personal reality, our own God-Consciousness, awakeness, and awareness, we do not go alone.  And nor does anyone else go alone.  For if we focus only on our own personal growth, raising of our vibrations and our spiritual awareness, we may achieve that place but as soon as we get there we will realize all the ones we left behind, and we will, in that state of awareness, immediately return to help them.  So it is to be aware, in each moment.  And as you work on your own upliftment and unfoldment and awareness, also help by sending energy out to others for their opening and awakeness and awareness.  We touch the lives of many, and that is by design.  For indeed, we are all one and in unity and in harmony with the Creator and all of Creation.  And it is the separation from that that has led mankind, and Therefore through their control of the plant and the animal kingdom, or the planet Earth, or the Mother Earth consciousness, to where it has been, what it has gone through, and where it is at today.  And it is to come back into connection with the consciousness of all things.  Of the Earth Consciousness.  Of the Plant Consciousness, of the Animal Consciousness, and of the Consciousness that exists, but not in the Physical Realm, but exists in the other vibrational and Spirit Realms, and to also pray for their upliftment, and their rising up.  For their density of vibration affects the physical density vibration also.  So it is to pray for the upliftment in all realms and all dimensions, physical and otherwise, and to work towards this level of Mastery.

“How is this done” may be the next question.  It is that there are many ways and levels to achieve it, and there is no one prescription, so to say, that would fit every path, every person, every vibration, every personality.  It comes through meditation.  It comes through sharing.  It comes through being with nature.  It comes through being with animals, or children, or others.  It comes through community.  It comes through spiritual gathering.  It comes through reading.  It comes through musical vibrations.  It comes through the vibration of the spoken word.  This is why many study the language known as Sanskrit.  For Sanskrit is said to be the oldest spoken language - and it may not be the oldest spoken language, but it is indeed the only remembered of these oldest languages, for there was more than one.  The reason for returning to Sanskrit is because the vibrations and the combinations of vibrational intonations are the closest to original intent, and the closest to original thought form.  And that is where language began, in thought form.  For originally, when we first came into physical density, we did not speak - we did not use vocal chords to communicate.  And we still were as close to pure essence as we could be in thought form, and in vibrational form.  We had bodies that were not as dense as the physical planet that we existed upon.  We could teleport or transport.  We were telepathic.  We could telecommunicate.  We could move our bodies to many physical places, or appear in places at simultaneous times, or leave the physical planet.  With just a thought we could pass through mountains, we could pass through rocks, we could pass through trees.  And we needed not any food, be it from the animal or plant kingdom, to sustain our physical bodies.  And this is why people seek now to go back to the remembering of the intonations, and vibrations, and the language of Sanskrit and others, but particularly getting back to the level of toning.  For that gets us back closest to the last time that we were in the physical realm, but not of the physical realm - we did not need to be born of physical body.  And this is what we seek to go back to, and not in the sense of going backwards, but in the sense of completing a cycle and coming back to where we began.  And that is in Creation, and that is in the Oneness with the Maker.

And this is what our paths, and this is what our awakening and awareness is about.  And this is what the choice of Ascension is about.  It is Mastery over the physical body.  Mastery over the consciousness of the physical cells.  And Mastery over the vibrational realms, as well as the physical realms.  And achieving that level of consciousness.  This is the Ascension that is spoken of.  This is the understanding that is spoken of.  There may be some that still shed the physical body as it exists in a form that you know as death, but they are still working on achieving Mastery.  So do not see the death of a physical body as a failure - sometimes they realize that the cellular level memory, the DNA strandings and patterns, the vibrational patterns that they have created in the physical body this time is not 100% compatible with total Mastery and total Ascension.  And as they realize that, they sometimes then seek to go ahead and shed this physical body.  And either they do not come back into physical body, or they create a new physical body that they are born into.  Or sometimes they will find one that is, say, programmed correctly, but the consciousness in that body chooses to leave - so then they will walk in, as it is said, or step in to that physical body.  And, after they realign the circuitry or symmetry of that physical consciousness, with their consciousness stepping into it - which sometimes can be a very shattering experience, you know, it is just as if you have been in outer space, existing in a weightless atmosphere for a long period of time, and then all of the sudden you come back to this planet and this gravity.  It takes a while to re-assimilate to the gravitational pull and the weight and the density.  And it is often the same for a Walk-in.  They are dealing with density, gravity, magnetic fields, circuitry and DNA stranding that was aligned with a different vibration consciousness that they now must adjust to their consciousness and adjust their consciousness to that.  But it is that this is the Ascension process, and the Mastery that is sought and spoken of.

So it is that it is good, as part of your path, to learn the toning, or the sounds, or the vibrations or the language of Sanskrit.  And to be aware of the ever-present energies in you and around you, and keeping them in harmony as much as possible around you.  And those people, those places, those things that are indeed in great disharmony to the point that they are pulling out of balance, not allowing you to be in harmony with your highest vibration, your highest good at this time - then it is those times when it is appropriate to leave those vibrations, or leave those relationships, or leave those partnerships.  But it is to understand not to leave them out of fear and not to leave them out of weakness, but to leave them out of understanding and out of Mastery - that they no longer serve you.  Say you are a prison guard in a prison, that is obviously a place with many low vibrational entities, both in the physical realm and in the non-physical realm existing there.  And it could be very challenging to be in a good space there.  But it is that you work to achieve Mastery in that space - for if you can achieve Mastery under what we would call harsh conditions or harsh testing, then your Mastery will be all that much easier when you are in a good space or good vibration.  And as you achieve Mastery you take your high vibration into that place of low vibration, and that place of low vibration can not help but be affected.  For if you take a box of Light into a dark room, and open up that box, the Light can bring Light into that room - and if the Light is bright enough it can fill the room and remove the darkness.  But if you take a box of darkness into a bright room and open it up, it does not turn the room dark.  So it is to recognize that you are that box of lightness going into a dark place, and you let your Light out into that room and bring Light into it.  But if there is ever the time when truly through your Wisdom, and your Mastery, and your Understanding, that you know that it can no longer work, or that your vibration is not high enough to remain high when you are in this low vibrational place, then there are those times that it is of wisdom to withdraw your Light from that place.  And say, again, here you are the prison guard or work in a prison - you would withdraw, go to another field, and raise your vibrations.  Brighten and strengthen your Light.  And it may be, then, in the future that you are in a place to go back into that prison.  And maybe not as a guard, but maybe as a counselor.  But again, you go, and you take your Light, even brighter and stronger, back into that place of darkness.

So it is that we say to each of you to remember that you are all conscious beings, and all part of one Creation, and that we are all seeking to attain that level, and to remember that.  And it is not a path that we walk alone, and it is not about personal - as in personality - but in the nature of personal reality, which is that that we are vibrational beings, and that we are of one consciousness.  One vibration.  One heart, one harmony, and one light.  It is just that there are many that have forgotten.  And, as the prodigal son, we pray for them to return to that which you would call the home, for that is indeed the cause for joyous celebration.  For none is so precious as that which was lost and has returned.  And the return is the remembering of the one-ness and of the consciousness, and there is great joy in that.  And there is joy in each, but there is especially great joy and celebration in those that awaken and remember that had truly forgotten.

So we offer you many blessings, in the name of Our Father, and in peace and one-ness.  We pray that the Light always be before you, to guide your footsteps upon your path, and to remember - You are also that Light, to shine upon the Path of many others.

And so be it.

(copyright 1996, Sherry Sherry and Dave Amos.  Distribute as you wish in its entirety with proper credits.  Sherry can be reached at,, or Dave at



February, 2005:
Visions of future events, especially events in the far distant future are always subject to change.  This is due to the
nature of  Free Will Choice, that each individual consciousness has.  Based on choices made each and every 
moment by individuals, and as a group or mass consciousness we can change the predicted course of events. 
This is why in all historic prophecies, there is usually an "either / or" situation in the predictions.  The set of Hopi Prophecies, which is over 2,000 years old shows two possible futures for all of mankind, one is fire and destruction, and one is of harmony and well being (Like the 1,000 years of peace in other prophecies).  The difference in which path will occur is based on decisions and actions taken by mankind, not just those of native descent, but of all races and creeds. In the Hopi Prophecies, the pivotal turning point in their timeline was to occur around the new millennium.   Prior to the Millennium, there were several strides towards world peace and
individual rights, and freedoms. (The ending of the cold war, the falling of the Berlin Wall, etc).  Look at what has occurred since the millennium - increase in terrorist activities around the world, religous ferver leading towards violence, war in the middle east, increased unrest in other parts of the middle east and other parts of the world.  These activities do not bode well for the future of mankind.  

As far back as the 1970's my guides warned me that China had a 50 year plan towards world domination.  My guides even warned that china's 'one child policy' was aimed at insuring an over abundance of males in their future population for this very event.  In the past 15 years, my guides have warned of China covertly supporting and even fanning the flames of unrest in the middle east, and going so far as to supply drugs (to fuel religious fervor) and weapons to terrorists groups, both political and religious.  All the while China is amassing a great deal of money by the sale of weapons and drugs to support their own plans for military development inside their country.  The 'plan' would be for other countries to be distracted and expend their resources in these operations, while China continues to build their stockpile of weapons and military might.  I wondered what China, a communist country would do with all of the 'religious fanatics' that they were secretly supporting, and my guides reminded me of what Maoists did when they took over.    They destroyed temples and churches, banned religion, and killed or jailed those that resisted.  The chinese cleverly use drugs as a form of mind control. They continue to undermine world economies right now by purposely undervaluing their money to create a favorable trade balance that they will then use to negotiate for leniency in expansion of the neuclear programs.  They have overbuilt their factory capacitiy and continue to ship billions of tons of manufactured products around the globe.  In Europe and America, factories have been shuttered and workers laid off as they could not compete with the low labor costs of chinese plants and factories.   China will be able to adroitly use this to their advantage in the not too distant future.     

Only in the past few months has it been revealed that some of the weapons taken away from terrorists were found to be manufactured in China.  The trail of drugs has apparently not yet been recognized.  Destroy the flow of drugs, cut off the supplies and the fuel for terrorist activies will be greatly reduced. 

The future for the US:
I have seen that Cuba will become part of the United States, either as a state or a territory, but this will open the door to an even greater shift in the balance of the ethnic make up of the US.  This shift is going to lead to a form of revolution in the US (similar to the French Revolution).  This unfortunate revolution will sadly lead to a more corrupt form of leadership of the country, and a squandering of US resources and US world influence (not everyone would think that this diminished influence is necessarily a bad thing).  This diminished world influence will lead to a larger global destabilizaion, and a further destabilizaion of the US government, which will lead to further erosion of world wide stabilty, and this will allow for a communist China to spread out across the globe with little organized resistance, and no real single military power to hold them in check.  Any religious groups that had previously seemed to enjoy victories in the name of their religions will now find themselves submitting or being anihilated, more viciously than they had attacked their own perceived enemies.   This WILL NOT lead to a 'thousand years of peace', but rather a 'thousand years of darkness', similar to the Dark Ages.  The will, and spirit of mankind will be broken and bound.  These future dark ages may not last a thousand years, but it will seem like an eternity.
The timing of this will be 2014 - 2045.
Mother Nature will also react with a great number of natural disasters, a number beyond normal activity.

This prediction does not 'have to be', but right now without any significant changes this is what is in on our future path.  We can begin to change this future NOW by not tolerating intolerance, respecting one another, respecting all living  things, weeding out evil and corruption at all levels in all countries, calming the hatred between different cultures, religions, and peoples.  We must begin to create harmony now before we lose our opportunities.   Those in power cannot continue to do things for their own political or financial gain.  True humanitarians must be elected into positions of power and infuence to help guide the general populace into harmony and caring for their fellow man.  We must restore the power and harmony in families and communities. 
World Peace is going to begin at home.


Not all of the future is doom and gloom, but the above is a warning of where we are currently heading.  The Harmonic Convergence was to help prevent this from happening.  Light workers around the world need to redouble their efforts for wold peace immediately.           


(c)  Copyright 2005      Rev. Sherry Sherry


> "Herein you are a Divine representative…for now you know what it meant when you were promised that the meek shall inherit the Earth. Stay chilled, stay confident, stay positive, stay holding the Light of truth that you have already come to know. Fewer words need to be spoken and deeper breaths need to be taken…and just hold it. Hold it. Hold it. And you know what “it” is! Neutrality, non-judgment, peace, trust, surrender, assistance, love, expanded consciousness…you know, all of your favourite subjects!" > > Council of Light........10/10/09

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