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Sherry mom
Sherry, her mom Louise, and friends, Sheila and Katie enjoy British Tea Time at Blighteys in Middleburg, Virginia.(2003)

Sherry and Kayli
Sherry and Kayli
Sherry Sherry and God Daughter Kayli on her 2nd Birthday (2002)

SwamiJi, Sherry & Altazar
SwamiJi Parmanandji , Rev. Sherry Sherry and Sherry's Husband, Rev. Altazar Smith
 Asheville, NC on first American tour
in 2001

Swamiji at Temple in Chantilly VA  

SwamiJi, Altazar & Sherry
July 2002
Rev. Altazar Smith, Swami Parmanandji, 
Rev. Sherry in Great Falls, Virginia on Swami's 2002 tour of the United States  

Sherry in Bethany Beach with God Daughter Kayli and her best friend Megan 2002 

Claudia & Sherry
Claudia & Sherry
at CCWH Unity Church in REston
Summer 2002
Claudia Morris, Rev. Sherry Sherry, & Rev. Michele Lusson
Claudia Morris, Rev. Sherry Sherry, 
Rev. Michelle Lusson at the Unity
Church for the CCWH Service